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Returns & Warranties

Returns & Warranties

Limited Parts Warranty and Return Policy

What is Covered Our warranty covers the original end user purchaser only for product malfunctions and defects in materials and workmanship that affect the performance of the product, with the exceptions stated below.

How Long Coverage Lasts- Warranty periods are based on the original manufacturers warranty, you may have to directly contact the manufacturer for warranty coverage. Most items carry a minimum 1 year warranty. Damage due to shipping the products to you is covered by this warranty. No warranties, express, implied or statutory, will be in effect beyond the applicable warranty term. If the product is DOA, it can be returned to us within 30 days for a replacement.

Clearance Items: Warranty for these items is 30 days, you may receive a refund if a clearance item is defective within the 30 day period.

The warranty period starts on the date of the original purchase.  Any repairs or replacements, including replacement parts, do not extend the warranty in any way.

What Is Not Covered- This warranty does not cover product damages caused directly or indirectly in whole or in part by acts of nature, crime, improper installation, lightning strikes, power surges, vandalism, products that have been smashed, broken, burned or damaged in transit (upon return to us), or any other unreasonable use, abuse or misuse (including failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance) of the product. Any product modified from its factory condition (including cutting wires or the addition or removal of any component) will void your warranty. Our obligation is limited to providing service as described in this warranty. We are not responsible for any lost time, profits or business, personal injury, property damage or similar loss, or any punitive, consequential or other direct, indirect or incidental damages. Data: We are NOT responsible for data loss for any reason. We reserve the right to erase the DVR's hard drive to ensure proper repair. Any required data must be backed up BEFORE shipping the DVR(s) in for repair. If data cannot be backed up for any reason you must notify us before shipping the DVR in for repair.

How To Get Service - A returned merchandise authorization ("RMA") is required before sending a product back to us. Before sending a product for warranty repair, please call our support department at 1-877-476-6607, and we will attempt to diagnose the problem, identify the appropriate warranty actions for your product, and, if necessary, issue an RMA number and return instructions. Please do not send a product to us without an RMA. Please pack the product carefully before return and include all parts and accessories so that we can thoroughly service your product.

RMA Policies– Advance Replacements will only be issued if the item being replaced was purchased within 30 days of the RMA request. In the event that an Advance Replacement item is issued, the customer has 30 days from the RMA being generated to return the defective. If the defective is not returned within the 30 days, the funds will be retrieved for the Advance Replacement item. Items that require a replacement that are beyond the 30 day purchase period have two options available: A Cross Replacement, where the customer provides a tracking number to ensure the return of the defective, whereupon we will issue the replacement. Or an Advance Purchase, where the customer purchases the replacement item. A refund will be processed when the defective item is received at the specified return location. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs to return the defective item.

Skyway Security will not be responsible for storage of product(s). If there is no response or payment received within 3 months of contact with the customer, unclaimed product will be disposed of at our discretion.

Data: We are NOT responsible for data loss for any reason. We reserve the right to erase the DVR's hard drive to ensure proper repair. Any required data must be backed up BEFORE shipping the DVR(s) in for repair. If data cannot be backed up for any reason you must notify us before shipping the DVR in for repair.

What We Will Do - Once a product has been returned on a warranty claim, we will promptly inspect the product to determine if a problem exists that is covered by this warranty. If we determine that a product defect is covered by this warranty, we will repair and return it at no charge or, if a repair cannot be made, replace it with a new product. Products returned to be repaired that are out-of-warranty will be inspected and the necessary repairs will be quoted to the customer. If the quote is accepted, the said repairs will be made and the product returned (at the customer’s expense). If you choose not to have an out-of-warranty repair made, we will dispose of the product or return it to you at your expense if you so request.

Returns – In the event that you don’t feel the product you purchased will work for your situation, we will exchange or credit your purchase price, as long as the product is returned with an RMA and in our original packing materials, all in new condition, unused, and unmodified, including all parts, accessories and documentation within 30 days of the original purchase. If products are not returned in proper condition, we may refuse the return or charge a re-stocking fee of up to 25%. Credit will be issued to accounts in current status. Past due accounts must be paid in full before any credit will be issued. If you are returning a product that you claim to be malfunctioning, please be advised that when the product is inspected and if it is found to function as it should, a 25% re-stocking fee will be applied to your credit. All shipping costs are non-refundable.
After 30 days: Refunds will not be given after the 30 day period, a store credit will be issued.
Free Shipping Promotions: During times when free shipping is offered, you will be refunded the full amount of your purchase minus shipping charges and any applicable restocking fees.

Spy Cameras, Hidden Cameras, GPS Tracking can only be returned within 15 days from purchase date. After 15 days our standard warranty becomes in effect.

Extended Warranty – Our extended warranty adds an additional year of coverage to the equipment purchased and is subject to the same terms as our standard 1 year warranty.

Monthly Service Plan
Payments for the Monthly Service Plan will commence fifteen (15) days after initial order of Product(s) and Service Plan(s). The Monthly Service Plan will include the use of the User Interface and Cellular Coverage. Every thirty (30) days the Credit Card on file will be charged to continue Monthly Service. Any Credit Card that is not valid or does not allow charges will results in a discontinuation of service. If there is a Voluntary pause in service, there will be a $49 fee assessed to reconnect service to the End User’s Unit and use of the User Interface. To Voluntarily postpone service written notice by email (info@skywaysecurity.com) is required to cancel service within ten (10) days of the end of the billing cycle. To reinstate service, written request will be required again.

Termination of Service
Written notice by email (info@skywaysecurity.com) or regular mail is required to cancel service within ten (10) days of the end of the billing cycle. The inability of Skyway Security to bill the credit card on file will also result in a cancellation of service. End Users will have thirty days to correct the charging issue or all pictures in Skyway Security’s database will be deleted.

Storage of Images
All images will be stored in our database for a time period of one year (365 days) if the End User is still paying for monthly service. All images will be deleted from the data base thirty (30) days following written request of termination or Skyway Security's inability to charge credit card on file.

Security of Images
All images that are stored in a secure database are only available to the User and is privacy protected by the User’s name and password.

Wireless Service
Skyway Security utilizes various coverage maps based on computerized, mathematical predictions of expected coverage. Immediate low laying areas have a tendency to have intermittent coverage due to the terrain. Actual coverage area may differ from that shown on coverage maps, and coverage may be affected by such things as weather, foliage, buildings, and other factors. Skyway Security does not guarantee coverage and coverage is subject to change. In buildings coverage will be adversely affected by wall thickness/material and locations within a building (i.e. basements and sub-terrain locations).

Technical Support
Our technical support covers all camera and DVR related issues.  Any connectivity issues related to your internet service provider will be covered for the first year of setup, after which it will be the responsibility of the owner and their internet service provider.  Help with basic internet configurations is available, any advanced network equipment/topologies will be the responsibility of the customer.


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