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What are HD-CVI Surveillance Cameras and DVR's?


HDCVI stands for High Definition Composite Video Interface. 

What does this mean? 

Well, this means that you get high definition video over the same coax connections as traditional CCTV cameras. This technology brings 720p and 1080p full HD to surveillance cameras.

What are the benefits?

  1. With 1080p HD resolution you get a much clearer image when compared to standard security cameras, making it better for identification of people and vehicles.
  2. You can utilize your existing coax cable and replace your old cctv cameras with new HD cameras
  3. Reliable video transmission over long distances, 
  4. Less susceptible to interference from electrical equipment
  5. Simple setup and configuration when compared to IP cameras
  6. Transmits video. audio and PTZ data over a single coax cable 

Do I need an HD-CVI DVR?

Yes. HD-CVI cameras transmit video in a new way, this will require a DVR that will support this new kind of transmission. HD-CVI DVR's are also backward compatible so you can use your old CCTV cameras while adding new HD cameras to your existing installation.

How far can I run a cable to the camera?

HD-CVI is capable of transmitting video up to 2000 feet using RG-59 coax cable.

720p: 2000 Feet Transmission
1080p: 1300 Feet Transmission

How does HD-CVI cameras compare to IP Cameras?

HD-CVI cameras bring HD quality video to surveillance much like IP cameras. Some IP cameras go beyond HD and are now offer Ultra HD 4k resolutions, however, the configuration of IP cameras is more complex.

In addition, HD-CVI technology allows for HD video at a lower cost, you will get high definition for a fraction of the cost of an IP camera solution.

Will I notice a difference between my standard analog cameras and HD-CVI cameras?

Yes. HD-CVI offers 1080p resolution which is 6 times higher than standard resolution cameras. This gives you a clear, crisp and accurate image.


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