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iPhone Smartphones and Security Cameras


The last few years have seen security systems become more popular. The systems are now capable of providing home owners with recording capabilities and update them n what is happening in their homes and protect them from vandalism and theft. Those are just basic features offered by security cameras and related systems. When selecting the type of security cameras you need, you need to go beyond the normal and choose systems which are more advanced. Ensure that you get security cameras that can guarantee you the peace of mind as well as the security you require.

With the advanced technology, you also need to get security cameras that allow you to view all your recorded footage through your iPhone. With an iPhone, you get two options for viewing. First, is the web based app, which is the most basic. This view allows you to get the basic overview of your house using a web browser. It also uploads JPG format images from the camera and then allows you to refresh the page, updating the image with a speed of 1m/s. The remote feature aloes allows you to view four cameras at a time, one reason which makes it as popular as digital video recorders.

The second option s the one designed to work with PC based digital video recorder. With this system, you have more access to features which couldn’t be accessed using the first option. Yu can also tilt/pan/zoom cameras and control all digital inputs and outputs.

Watching Your Security Footage Via an iPhone

As home security cameras become more prevalent in US, more customers are now looking for ways to ensure their homes is well protected on monthly basis. There are various systems out there you can choose from, depending on the quality, easy of installation and your requirements of course.

One of the current and mot popular features the ability to view all footage through the internet. Lots of systems have remote viewing but different levels and features makes up different ability to help you choose the type of security cameras you need.

Sometimes you may have to pay a certain monthly fee to access your security cameras on your computer, one reason why most people are now going the iPhone way. However, you shouldn't pay anything more just to get updates on what is happening at your home n the internet. Any security system with the ability to connect to the internet will use the existing connection. All you need is software which usually comes with the security cameras and connects to the internet. From there, you can stream the video from your iPhone.

Advantages of using iPhone to watch security footage

The good thing with security cameras with access to iPhone is that you can easily get what is happening real-time even when you are far away.

Portability is key here. An iPhone is easily portable compared to computers and laptops. You can packet on your pocket and remove it on the road, just to confirm that everything is alright back at home.

Most reputable security providers should provide a way t access your security cameras via the iPhone.


When it comes to choosing the type of security cameras for your home, it’s good to consider options of iPhone support. Though it only means getting systems that are internet enabled, that’s very crucial in simplifying how your control panel should be, and overall, how you monitor your home.


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