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Auto Tracking PTZ Security Cameras

With an Auto tracking PTZ security camera system, a moving object or a person can be tracked automatically and recorded, without any manual operation or any operator intervention. Upon detection of motion in the image, the PTZ security camera is positioned on the detected object and tracks it automatically, occasionally zooming in to catch close-up shots.

In a context of standalone (no operator) recording, video sequences recorded in the intelligent tracking mode have much more chances to capture significant events with enough details to enable identification.

In most cases, a static camera or a PTZ camera in scan mode will not have the zoom level to enable useful identification. With an auto tracking camera, full capabilities of PTZ security cameras are exploited without the need of an operator.

See the Auto Tracking Cameras in Action!


PTZ Security Cameras, in general, are a beneficial solution for surveillance of any location. They can survey a large area using only one camera. However, the conventional PTZ camera requires manual control to track moving objects. All of the PTZ cameras used in our Pole Mount Systems detect and follow moving objects automatically, greatly increasing your chances of capturing significant events on camera.

Perfect for unattended locations such as:

  • High security buildings
  • Perimeter security
  • Private and public parking
  • Maritime ports, trains stations
  • Bridges
  • Public parks, monuments
  • Car dealerships
  • Government, defense
  • Municipal Garages
  • Construction sites
  • Unattended utilities installations
  • Factories, refineries, pipelines
  • Schools
  • Law enforcement
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